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Statement on the Current Immigration events

NMATA’s Statement on the Immigration Crisis:

NMATA condemns the current crisis created by the separation of children from their families at our boarders. Our professional members know and treat the effects such trauma can cause.

With that said, let it be known that NMATA is intimately involved in supporting the Sanctuary Movement within our State, in response to recent ICE activity and the above Crisis. We have created and developed a strong Social Justice Committee in 2018, co-chaired by Board Members, Alanna Sindlinger and Christina Calderon.

One of our Social Justice Committee members is currently the Chairperson for the Sanctuary Team of Santa Fe’s Faith Network for Immigration Justice. She has been immersed in this work and has done extensive public speaking representing NMATA while informing and educating others about the movement. The Sanctuary Team she heads is helping to create the underpinnings for the community collaborative effort to make True Sanctuary possible.

Another member is part of the Immigration Coalition. This group has been meeting with the Dreamers and other mental health organizations here in Santa Fe. These meetings are on hold for now until Fall.

NMATA put out a call for action to our membership in our last newsletter asking art therapists interested in volunteering to get active. We got no response. We need our membership’s participation to make a difference for those effected in the most detrimental ways by these current policies. If you are concerned about these issues, please join us in our involvement within our community. We need you and your community needs you.

We are committed to supporting these efforts and to supporting the families once in Sanctuary with art therapy. If you are interested in committing to this effort or are interested in hosting our speaker for more information, please contact NMATA at

It is not a time to stand indignant on the sidelines. It is a time for action.

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What is OFFCenter Community Arts Project?

​Promoting Postive Self-Identity and Resilience through Art Making

OFFCenter invites everyone, free of charge, to experience creativity in the community in a welcoming, safe space with an abundance of materials of all kinds. OFFCenter strengthens the fabric of our community and improves quality of life for all participants, especially for those who would otherwise remain isolated and excluded. In addition to 25 free open studio hours every week, OFFCenter provides after school art, serves as a free community resource for numerous agencies assisting mentally and physically disabled people and also brings free art making experiences to community events as diverse as the International District Health Fair, Civic Plaza Kids Fest, CiQlovia, and the Downtown Grower’s Market.

Visit OFFCenter Gallery Shop. OFFCenter offers local artists more selling opportunities throughout the year in their low- commission Gallery Shop and “open to all” exhibitions. Come shop for beautifully handcrafted art, gifts and cards in the Gallery store this Holiday season and support local artists. 


Writing Group – with Mandy Gardner –
Wednesdays: 3-4pm
Painting and Drawing – with Lynnette Haozous – Thursdays: 1-3pm
Card Making – with Karen Turner –
Thursdays: 3-5pm
iCreate Guitar* – with Leslie Bailey –
Fridays: 2:30-3:30pm
iCreate Ukulele* – with Leslie Bailey –
Fridays: 3:30-4:30pm
Knitting & Crochet Circle – with Sybil Wertheim –
Saturdays: 11:30 – 1:30pm
OFFCenter is located in downtown Albuquerque at:

808 Park Avenue, SW
Albuquerque, NM, 87102

Check out their website for hours and other upcoming events!

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NMATA Collaborates with Meow Wolf – May 2016

NMATA is opening doors and inviting you in!!A great big thank you to all of you who have signed up to lead summer camps and workshops at Meow Wolf this summer.  The response was so strong and encouraging we are buzzing here!  Big kudos to Stephanie Kitts, our student Board member for leading and coordinating all this with Meow Wolf.  If you are not familiar with this opportunity, please ask for more details as there is a great potential for our members to create satisfying community offerings and make some money for themselves.  For a listing of the offerings, please visit our website under the Events and Workshop Tab.  The summer camps are listed there, with the summer workshops to follow soon.

I encourage you all to come out on one of the next three Monday evenings from 6pm-7:30pm to support intern, Christina Villarreal’s offering. $10.  It is a nice way to connect with each other and see what is happening.  Also consider Qigong; Wednesday evenings 6pm-7pm for the month of May; $10; offered by Autumn Kern.  Drop ins are warmly welcomed at each of these offerings.
And there are many more offerings to consider and opportunities to lead if you are inspired to do so!!!       Check it all out on NMATA website.

Saturday, May 14, we will be completing the Flower to Seed to Flower Project started last year at the AHA Festival.  From 6pm-7:30pm we will have a short workshop to create garden stakes and then we will move outside to have our planting ceremony for all the wishes.  This amazing community project gathered origami flowers with wishes written, made these into seed-paper last month and we are planting these wishes at Meow Wolf on a warm spring evening!  Beth Lykins has been filming this incredible evolution and is making a short film for the AATA film fest next year.  Come out a be a part of this celebration.  There is no cost for this last part of the project and your participation supports the success of the project and the film. Let’s have a big presence at Meow Wolf that invites even more community awareness of NMATA!!!

Next, I encourage all NMATA members to send us your profile and picture so that we can post you on the site under the Resources Tab.  We want to have a complete listing for client’s searching, professionals checking NM out (happening more and more with AATA coming next year) and those searching for supervisors.  If you have let your membership lapse we want you back!  We are working hard to have a lot to offer you and also to prepare for integration into AATA conference next year.  Let  us highlight all the talent in the State.  Let us list you on the NMATA site!  Email me directly and we will get your information available for all.  Our Paypal button on the site is working correctly again and ready for renewal or new members.

NMATA will be represented at this year’s NMCA (New Mexico Counseling Association) Conference on June 3 & 4 in ABQ.  I urge you all to consider attending in some way.  Find details at  If anyone is inclined to help us man the booth, please contact me directly.

Our next membership meeting will be held in ABQ, June 11, 10:30 – 1:00pm at Deborah Good’s home, 2489 Elfego Rd NW, ABQ 87107.  We will be honoring the work of this pioneer and art therapy treasure, so please mark this on your calendar and plan to attend.  Our desire is to reengage all of you located in ABQ and to start the collaboration for next year’s conference.  We will have a reception with food, presentation to Deborah, and information for everyone about all NMATA is doing on your behalf.   One of NMATA’s initiatives is to work through the legislature to get parity for art therapists for third party (insurance) reimbursement, more details given at the membership meeting.

Your Board President (me, lol) and your LAC Committee Chair, Wendy Wasserman, will be attending this year’s AATA conference in Baltimore to represent NMATA and invite everyone there, to next year’s conference here.  We will have a table full of brochures and we would also like to have some art for sale.  We are asking for donations of small-sized, light-weight art that we can easily take to the conference.  If any of you would care to donate please consider bringing your art to the June membership meeting.  We would really love to have some art that speaks some of the color and flavor of NM and would greatly appreciate your tax-deductible donations!  We will provide the non-profit donation forms.

I will finish this month’s letter with an appeal to all the art therapists in the state to please consider membership and involvement in your professional association, NMATA.  I know many of you have served and participated in the past and we are enthusiastically appealing to you to rejoin and bring your experience and talent back to service.  Our membership now runs for a complete year from the date of dues payment.  We need all of us to be as strong and empowered as we can be.  You are valued.  And, of course, a great big thank you to all our current members!!!

I extend an invitation to all of you to contact me directly with any questions or concerns!

Sincerely Yours,
Valerie Valentine (Val)
Your Board President

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February Newsletter: Exciting Updates!!!!

Before we get to the exciting opportunities with Meow Wolf,

I want to invite you all to the Membership Meeting we are having in March!
All supporters of NMATA are welcome.

Place:  Santa Fe Indian School located at 1501 Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe, 87505
Date:   Meeting and Pot Luck:  Saturday, March 12
Time:  10:30 – 2:00

  • 10:30 – Committee Reports including the LAC (Local Area Committee for next years AATA Conference in ABQ) and a invitation for people to join a committee of interest
  • 12:00 – Lunch – bring anything you want to eat and share
  • 1:00 – Group Self-Care Process and Sharing

We hope to have a great turn-out of people and encourage you all to attend.  We will be discussing having the next meeting in June in ABQ to further facilitate this.  It is our year long goal to increase connection between all of us.  Your participation and support is greatly valued.

Wow, hope to see your there!
Now on to Other Great Things Happening!!

NMATA is partnering with Meow Wolf in a collaboration that will allow our members to present workshops and hold on-going groups within this extraordinary facility.

I would like to offer a great big shout-out to our Student Board Member, Stephanie Kitts, who has made a wonderful connection and created this amazing opportunity for NMATA with Meow Wolf!

There are three opportunities for us here:

1)  We have been offered the opportunity to have a table and presence during the Grand Opening. March 17-20.  This will include an opportunity to inform the public about anything that we are able to schedule for the community space, called the Maker’s Space.  We can do all or part of the four day celebration, which will depend on how many people we can get to sign up to man our booth.  This is BIG exposure for NMATA in the community as this is likely to be the happening of the year!!
Let’s get creative!!!
2)  MW has offered us the use of their Maker’s Space for workshops and groups for 10% of proceeds.  The Maker’s Space can accommodates up to 30.   MW has asked that NMATA create the administrative structure for this to be managed.  This will be managed through our Community Arts Outreach Committee and NMATA would also receive 10% of the proceeds for the management fee.  A panel will screen presenters through the proposal form on the website and add an interview process to further insure appropriateness.  Anyone of us who wants to lead any kind of offering can apply immediately.  These can include one time or on-going workshops or groups for teaching, healing, arts, crafts, art therapy etc. You can create your own income with a 20% fee.  Please consider applying as soon as possible as we want to have a robust schedule by March 15.
*Presenters may be subject to having an on-site supervisor depending on the subject matter and experience level of the presenter.

3)  The last exciting part of this collaboration will be to complete the project started last year at the AHA festival and further expanding through the CCA collaboration and Workshop Autumn and Ericka are presenting in April.  The Flower to Seed project will come to rest within a garden at Meow Wolf.  The origami wishes created by the community at AHA are to be made into seed paper at CCA and finally planted and nurtured at Meow Wolf.
With lots of dedication and work by Beth Lykins, we hope to capture this community process on camera and make a short film that tracks the project from beginning to end…very exciting and I am holding a vision that we will be able to share the film at the AATA conference in 2017.

Again, Thank you, Stephanie for all your vision and work!!
And to Everyone who has worked hard to make all of this happen!!!

Next great thing happening is the collaboration with CCA that includes the Flower to Seed Project facilitated on April 2 from 1-4pm.  More information on this in the March Newsletter.

As you can see there is lots of room for your participation. 
We are ambitious and optimistic about everything we can create this year and next.
And we need all of YOU to accomplish these things with grace and vitality!!

Please join us at the next meeting
and be a vital part of your New Mexico Art Therapy Association!!!

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August 2015: Flying Colors!

Membership is growing as we continue to provide opportunities for creativity, education and networking through our monthly workshop series. We formed two new committees in 2015, focusing on interactive arts and social media, both in an effort to promote NMATA and Art Therapy awareness in New Mexico. Our social media presence has grown with over 3500 Facebook followers and we’re enjoying steadily increasing numbers on our Instagram and Pinterest pages.

Our Interactive arts committee has been busy as we gear up for Fiesta season in Santa Fe! NMATA will have a booth at the After Hours Alliance (AHA) festival this fall where we will be inviting the community to join us in the creation of an art installation. Our guerilla style marketing initiatives (leaving small pieces of artwork in prominent areas) has increased our visibility in an effort to support our legislative committee’s hard work to have the state recognize Art Therapy as an independently licensable profession, eligible for third party payments. We’re getting close!

In other exciting news, we are developing a relationship with Meow Wolf, an arts and entertainment production company who has partnered with Santa Fe’s George RR Martin (creator of Game of Thrones) in the opening of a multi-use art complex on the site of an old bowling alley. The complex will be a large shared workspace for artists and makers, designed to encourage skill exchange and dynamic collaboration. We are working with the organization to include Art Therapy services to their plans. It’s an exciting time to be part of the New Mexico Art Therapy Association!

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March 2015: Creative Renewal

Wow – opportunities are springing up all over the place for NMATA! We are building a creative community faster then ever and are so grateful to have the support from a diverse group of organizations that believe in the healing power of art. Last month we met with the curator of the CCA (Center for Contemporary Arts) as well as the event organizer for MIX Santa Fe. We will also be collaborating with (OGD) Only Green Design on some fun installations at Warehouse 21 this month. We hope to have some interactive booths at both AHA Festival and at the Farmers Market this year. Lots of ideas are being generated within the arts communities as well as the mental health arenas. We plan to once again be a part of the Million Day March against Child Abuse on the Plaza this April.

As usual we have several upcoming workshops being offered through Southwestern College – so many of their alumni make up our community for which we are very grateful. Please join us for our Divination & Fashion Art Therapy workshop as well as our next member meeting and introduction to the Enneagram as a therapeutic tool at Sandi Wright’s house.

As spring approaches, I look forward to a time of renewal, refreshment and re-imaging our future. What imaginal buds are taking shape in your life? What winter dreams are yearning to manifest in your life this spring? May we all take part in the cultivation of energy within our community. We would love to hear what visions you have for our local chapter and what you hope to see for the future of art therapy. We are looking for living angels to back us financially so that we can send our board members to the AATA Conference this year as well as educate and advocate for our field more effectively. It is our dream to bring art therapy into the public schools, hospitals and across the globe as we believe it starts at home, with a few like-minded individuals like you and me and of course some creative energy!

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By Magdalena Karlick

Last week was the kick off to breast feeding month, celebrated worldwide. In Santa Fe, the Breastfeeding Taskforce and WIC organized a fantastic event for families at the Children’s Museum. Famjam was there making music with kiddos, as was Clan Tinkers, performing acrobatics and magic tricks. Many organizations had booths promoting what they offer to the community, including Many Mothers, Carseat Safety, St. Vincent’s Hospital,  NMATA and many others. Food was donated by Revolution Bakery and Sam’s Club.

When I think of supporting women, children, and families in breastfeeding it’s obvious that it is a bit complicated. From an inability to produce milk, to cultural and familial beliefs, to adoption, breasfeeding may not always be an easy choice for moms and families. However the ability to offer Nurturing is accessible to most parents.

What does nurturing mean to you?

Who has held you?                                                                8027802

These are some of the questions we artfully asked at this event. We offered materials to make nests holding eggs. Girls, boys, and women worked on these nests and seemed to enjoy the process of making a protective home to hold possibilities; to hold life.

6655442_orig     8261188_orig

1375821432     1375821517

NMATA is a participant in our local communities…..



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Art Supply Swap

8998418by Kat Dison

Magdalena Karlick and Kat Dison share a vision of providing a safe space to draw people together and experience creativity.  Their goal of spreading the arts was honored last weekend through a community art supply swap that was sponsored by the Santa Fe Creative Arts Center, New Mexico Art Therapy Association, and Southwestern College. With this additional support from the Santa Fe community, the art swap acted as a vehicle to tentatively establish an open art studio for the Santa Fe Community Arts Center.
The art swap provided an opportunity for artists and art therapists to get together and replenish their studios by donating, exchanging, and purchasing art supplies. Several New Mexicans heard about the art swap on the radio, read about it in the paper, or were simply drawn in from seeing children painting outside in the Railyard on a beautiful spring afternoon.




Inside the future site of the Santa Fe Creative Arts Center were two rooms filled with donated ar

t supplies that people were able to either purchase or exchange for other media.
Adjacent to the swap rooms were live entertainment and performances from local art enthusiasts.  Jenny Bradley played her violin outside the entrance, which attracted onlookers and welcomed them inside. Devon Ludlow entertained audiences of all ages with his clown performance and puppet shows, The Free Range Ramblers got the crowd dancing to their dynamic folk sounds, and Mariana Marachlian granted everyone an ear-to-ear smile after witnessing a children’s choreography performance.

The Art Swap continued to accumulate donations throughout the day and successfully raised over $200 that will contribute to the purchase of additional art supplies, the offer of free art instruction, and the promise of open studio space to everyone in our community. It was a successful Sunday afternoon in the Railyard district, and a confirmation that the Santa Fe community is enthusiastic to support the opportunity of free expression and eager to begin a non-profit art studio.