Board Members

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Executive Board Members



Katie Hall, ATR-BC, LPCC, LPAT


Katie Hall, MA, ATR-BC, LPAT, LPCC is an artist and art therapist. She offers services out of her private practice, Open Sky Art Therapy, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Katie is interested in promoting the field of art therapy and sharing these healing potentials with community. She continues to explore digital processes in art therapy, specifically ways to transform experience internally and collectively. Her intention as the incoming President, is to further share the immense healing qualities of art therapy with the greater New Mexico community.

“During these times of chaos and confusion in the general collective, I feel it is imperative to spread the word about art therapy. Unfortunately, many people do not realize they have access to these services, that could lead to deep healing. I also hope to create an inclusive community for art therapists to seek support, guidance, and to focus our energies on continuing to consciously uplift and expand our field.”

For more information, please visit her website a and



Dana Simmons, LMHC, ATR~P, LMT, CCHT, SA, TST,

Dana's Headshots 2018-19

Dana Simmons is a a PHD candidate for a Doctorate in Natural Medicine through Quantum University. She is a graduate of Southwestern College and is the Assistant Director of their NEI Certificate programs.
She holds specialization certificates in Interpersonal Neurobiology, Human Sexuality, Ecotherapy, and Trauma & Grief.
Dana believes in a Holistic mind, body approach to healing the wounds of the heart and soul.

Dana is a MDMA therapist with MAPS and is helping to train therapist in this modality by providing the experiential portion of this 5 part training.
This is Dana’s 3rd year on the board and recently represented NMATA as a Co~keynote speaker at the Military and the Arts Roundtable in Gallop, NM.
She looks forward to her service again this year on the board.


Hillary Kaufman



Kimberly , MA, ATR, LPCC, LPAT


Board Members

Christina Calderon, MA, LMHC

Christina Calderon, MA, LMHC graduated from Southwestern Collage with a MA in Art Therapy and Counseling. She is also a licensed Massage Therapist, artist and photographer. She currently works at a residential treatment facility, New Moon Lodge, as a primary therapist for Native American men recovering from addictions. Her deep respect for New Mexican culture is a driving factor for her community based approach to addictions treatment and generational trauma. She also maintains a small private practice, Wild Bird Medicine, LLC where she specializes in dream work and various photo therapy techniques. She is thrilled to be serving the New Mexico Art Therapy Association as a board member this year.



Lauren Jaworski


Linnea Knoespel, MA, LMHC, ATR-BC

Linnea Knoespel, MA, LMHC, ATR-BC has been loosely involved with NMATA since 2012 and formally served as a professional board member in 2017. She looks forward to stepping into the Secretary Board position for the 2018/9 term to support the further development of the field of art therapy in New Mexico. Linnea is passionate about self-care in a field where secondary traumatic stress is a workplace hazard. She continues to explore this for herself through various avenues and enjoys expanding the dialogue with fellow colleagues about all the varied ways one can practice self-care. She looks forward to heading the Membership Committee as well as addressing some of the social justice issues that have recently come to the surface. Linnea works at Esperanza Shelter as their Child and Adolescent Therapist, providing both residential and non-residential services. In addition, Linnea maintains a small private practice where she works with individual adults. In her off time you can find her hiking the trails of northern New Mexico or snuggling down with a book, her fur baby Fritz and a nice cup of tea.

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Moriah Lancaster, MA, LMHC

Moriah has been involved with NMATA since 2013, first as a student member, then as a professional member and now as a professional board member. As an enthusiast and believer of the Art Therapy profession she hopes to contribute to the New Mexico Art Therapy Association in whatever capacity that will manifest. She hopes to sustain her passion for the field, in its longevity, and hopes to imbue her enthusiasm of Art Therapy for posterity. She looks forward to providing some “Art as Therapy” groups at Meow Wolf and current is doing freelance phototherapy workshops, art therapy demonstrations, and has other “Media and Technology” groups on the horizon.


Isabel Ribe, MA, LMHC


Alanna Sidglinger, MA,

Alanna graduated from Southwestern College with an MA in Art Therapy and Counseling in 2015. Shortly after graduating she started working at Life Healing Center as a primary therapist working with adults in a residential program who are struggling with addictions, trauma and co-occuring mental health challenges. She transitioned to facilitating the weekly art therapy groups in November, 2016. Alanna is excited to extend her involvement with NMATA as president elect to help the organization grow and serve the community. She has been involved with NMATA off and on since she was a student at Southwestern College. Email:


Student Board Members


Breanna Cox, Student Board Member, Webmaster

Breanna is a student at Southwestern College, pursuing an MA in Art Therapy/Counseling. Breanna is an experienced Photojournalist and writer with an emphasis on storytelling. She is an Air Force veteran and served as an Aerospace Medical Technician. She is combining her education in art, experience in medicine, and passion for people – for a future in Art Therapy/Counseling. Breanna ascribes to holistic and empathic approaches. She is honored to be serving the art therapy community in New Mexico on the NMATA board. For more on Breanna, go to BreannasCreations or you can reach her at


Casey Chandler, Student Board Member


Anne Lebednik, Student Board Member

Anne has been a NMATA member since 2017.  She’s honored to formally serve on the board for the 2018-19 term, and is excited to engage in hands-on community involvement with the amazing NMATA team.  Anne will represent the NMATA chapter at the 2018 AATA Conference in Miami.  There, she will also co-present her and her classmate’s performance art proposal, The iStruggle is Real: Devices in and out of the Therapeutic Setting –about what tech use can do to, and for, us neurobiologically and as therapists.  Anne is a second year Art Therapy/Counseling student at Southwestern College.  She brings a humanistic, existential, strength-based approach to her Practicum practice, and is a big supporter of self-care.  Anne loves spending free time with friends, playing improv games, and exploring this beautiful state.


Nancy Lemmon, Student Board Member


William Jenkins, Student Board Member