Art of Recovery at New Moon Lodge



Watch the film that was created collectively with this beautiful group!!

The Art of Recovery at New Moon Lodge

This is a powerful short film created collaboratively with the residents of New Moon Lodge on the Social Justice’s committee’s Art of Recovery day, led by art therapists in our community Dana Simmons @Katie Deborah Christina Calderon Alanna Burke Sindlinger @Isabel Ribe and Josephine Tejal Murray

Permission and Explicit informed consent was given in order to share this publicly.

Statement from New Moon Lodge:


Behavioral Health Network
Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council, Inc.

Dear New Mexico Art Therapy Association:

On behalf of all of us at New Moon Lodge, I’d like to thank you for facilitating such a wonderful day of art making and healing. “The Art of Recovery” showcased the integral part that community plays in addressing addiction. The attending art therapists, undoubtedly, made an impact with their unique ways of looking at addiction. They were able to bring everyone together no matter where they were on their personal journey of recover. All through the process of art making.

Because of organizations like yours New Moon Lodge has been able to provide a range of services to indigenous men in recovery. We truly appreciate you!

Your commitment to our community is valued, and we look forward to working with you in the future!


New Moon Lodge