NMATA’s Future Planning for 2019

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I am so excited to be leading New Mexico Art Therapy Association this year! It is an honor to be able to follow such strong and careful leadership of three years by our outgoing, president, Valerie Valentine. She has offered beautiful modeling and created quite a strong foundation, along with her powerful board members to pivot NMATA forward into the future. Our current board, many of whom have chosen to stay on from previous service, is a dream team made up of passionate, talented art therapists with great integrity.

My intention as the President, is to further share the immense healing qualities of art therapy with the greater community. During these times of chaos and confusion in the general collective, I feel it is imperative to spread the word about art therapy. Unfortunately, many people do not realize they have access to these services, that could lead to deep healing. I also hope to create an inclusive community for art therapists to seek support, guidance, and to focus our energies on continuing to consciously uplift and expand our field. Also, thanks to the integral efforts of Deborah Good, a past NMATA and AATA president, we hope art therapists will be able to receive third party reimbursement in the near future.


With great care and excitement,

Katie Hall, MA, ATR-BC, LPAT, LPCC

Our board has been busy building exciting plans for the year! We will be updating you soon on ways to be involved. Please know that your voice matters and we want to hear from you on what you want and need here in New Mexico. We need as many people involved as we can to share art therapy experiences in our community and to support one another.


Please email nmarttherapy@hotmail.com if you have ideas or interest in becoming more involved.


Here are current events planning for the year: (they will be changing as we move along)

NMATA Activities 2019

January – Board Meeting: January 26, 9am-12pm at Linnea’s Home – New Board Training and Planning for 2019

February – Board Meeting: February 16th, 9am-12:15pm at Tierra Nueva Counseling Center -Ethics Discussion and Folllow-up/Brainstorming

March – Membership/Support Group Meeting: March 9th, 12:00pm – 2:15pm at Meow Wolf -Who Are WE as Art Therapists – space for Voices to be heard and connect as a community

April – Board Meeting: April 13th, 9am-12pm at Tierra Nueva Counseling Center – Brainstorming for Future Community-based Projects

May – Mental Health Awareness Month; NAMI Walk team participation and booth with art interaction; CEC Workshop: Dream Symbols An Art Therapy Workshop led by Valerie Valentine and Christina Calderon – May 11th, 2pm-5pm at Valerie Valentine’s Studio.

June – Membership Meeting/Support Group – June 15th, 2pm – 5pm – Location TBA – Santa Fe, NM; Social Justice Committee/NMATA participation in Pridefest Booth ABQ – Date TBA; CURRENTS NEW MEDIA?; CEC?

July – Board Meeting – July 13, 9-12pm – at Tierra Nueva Counseling Center; New Moon Lodge Social Justice Committee Event – Date TBA

August – Possible event at Form and Concept; Zozobra

September – Membership Meeting/Support Group – September 14th, 2pm-5pm – Deborah Good’s Home: 2489 Elfego Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM; Love Armor – Date TBA; AHA FESTIVAL?

October – Board Meeting – October 12, 9am-12pm – at Tierra Nueva Counseling CenterInside/out Art Show Partnership – Date TBA; HISTORIC CANYON ROAD PAINT OUT AND SCULPT OUT

November – CEC?

December – Holiday Party/Meeting/Support Group – December 14th 2pm-5pm – Location TBA – Santa Fe, NM – Celebration of the year – brainstorm for new year?