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Statement on the Current Immigration events

NMATA’s Statement on the Immigration Crisis:

NMATA condemns the current crisis created by the separation of children from their families at our boarders. Our professional members know and treat the effects such trauma can cause.

With that said, let it be known that NMATA is intimately involved in supporting the Sanctuary Movement within our State, in response to recent ICE activity and the above Crisis. We have created and developed a strong Social Justice Committee in 2018, co-chaired by Board Members, Alanna Sindlinger and Christina Calderon.

One of our Social Justice Committee members is currently the Chairperson for the Sanctuary Team of Santa Fe’s Faith Network for Immigration Justice. She has been immersed in this work and has done extensive public speaking representing NMATA while informing and educating others about the movement. The Sanctuary Team she heads is helping to create the underpinnings for the community collaborative effort to make True Sanctuary possible.

Another member is part of the Immigration Coalition. This group has been meeting with the Dreamers and other mental health organizations here in Santa Fe. These meetings are on hold for now until Fall.

NMATA put out a call for action to our membership in our last newsletter asking art therapists interested in volunteering to get active. We got no response. We need our membership’s participation to make a difference for those effected in the most detrimental ways by these current policies. If you are concerned about these issues, please join us in our involvement within our community. We need you and your community needs you.

We are committed to supporting these efforts and to supporting the families once in Sanctuary with art therapy. If you are interested in committing to this effort or are interested in hosting our speaker for more information, please contact NMATA at

It is not a time to stand indignant on the sidelines. It is a time for action.