Recap from New Mexico Counseling Association (NMCA) Annual Conference

The New Mexico Art Therapy Association team was at the New Mexico Counseling (NMCA) Annual Conference this past weekend. Here is reflection from NMATA President Val Valentine – I attended the informational panel about mental health and legislation during the NMCA conference. It was very informative and I got some great contacts for NMATA to utilize in our up-coming legislative push for insurance parity. We made some great connections at the conference with like-minded individuals and organizations that were very stimulating and informative. I look forward to giving you all an in-person impression at the Membership Meeting April 21. Make plans to attend! It is going to be an inspiring and very creative gathering. See you there, Val.

Here is the experience from board member and Communications Chair – Breanna Cox.

Breanna's Creations - Art Therapy/Counseling Graduate Student & Photojournalist

Over the last few days, I served at the New Mexico Art Therapy Association’s (NMATA) table at the Annual Conference for New Mexico Counselors Association (NMCA). However, I feel privileged that I benefited both personally and professionally.  I was able to connect, network, and learn things that I would not learn in an experiential-based school like Southwestern College. Thank you to both NMATA and NMCA for allowing me the opportunity. As an exhibitor on the NMATA Board of Directors team: I made it clear that as a student, since I can not get CEUs – I made myself available so that the rest of the NMATA team could.

A brief summary of this year’s theme and location/date –

2018 NMCA Annual Conference

Thriving in the Face of Challenges

March 23–24, 2018
Embassy Suites
Albuquerque, NM
Special lodging rates available.
Call (505) 245-7100 

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