Field of Art Therapy, Legislation

SWC hosts important NMATA meeting about Legislation

Dr. Debbie Good and Lisa Graff have been working extraordinarily hard to support the success of Art Therapists in the State.  They have a bill written that will eliminate discriminatory practices that do not allow professional Art Therapists to be reimbursed by Group Health Care Insurance Plans.

Senator Cisco McSorley has agreed to sponsor our bill.

We have arranged this meeting to inform all stakeholders of the needs and next steps to support the successful passing of this important law.  The legislative session runs January 17 – March 20 this year and we need to get organized and active now.

•                Meeting Date:  Tuesday, January 24, 2017
•                Time:  5:30pm for refreshments; 6:00 – 7:00 for information, discussion, and volunteer sign-up
•                Location:  Large Art Classroom at Southwestern College

We have done the footwork and now WE NEED YOU!  We need every one of the stakeholders in the art therapy profession to attend.  This includes current art therapists, students, faculty, alumni, school officials, NMATA members, friends of NMATA, and consumers of art therapy; those who can testify to the power of this form of treatment.  Please consider asking clients that you feel would be willing to testify, to attend this informational meeting.

Take the action to come, get informed, and involved!