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Our Beautiful Garden Grows at Meow Wolf!

It seems like such a long time since I sat to write to you all.  It has been a full and challenging summer.  I find myself affected by a complex, ever-changing, and often heart-breaking world condition, as we all do; I am sure.  In this time of incredible transformation and challenge, it is imperative that we all hold to the things that feed our souls. I trust that our creative work that supports the well-being and health of our clients and our communities does make a difference, and that feeds my soul.  I appreciate each and everyone of you on the deepest levels.  We at NMATA endeavor to continue to provide an anchor and a place for all of us in this profession to be supported.

The AATA conference in Baltimore was incredibly empowering in this way.  To hear Bruce Moon speak of Love in our profession was truly inspiring.  To see presentations about the founders and leaders of Art Therapy validated the intention, power, and incredible value of the work we do.  To listen to art therapists from all over the world talking about the healing they facilitate, expanded vision and soothed the heart.  I am so excited that we, in New Mexico, get to host this amazing conference next year.
What an honor and a gift!!

I want to encourage you all to consider presenting your work at the AATA Conference 2017 and fully participating in any way you can.  As the hosting State there will be plenty to do, and the pay off is amazing.  You will connect and learn and be fed soul food to walk away nourished and stronger and clear about the power of the work you do.  NMATA will be presenting a CEU workshop, Professional Presentation, October 8 from 1pm-4pm for 3 CEU’s to support us all in how to present our work and the submission process for AATA.  The charge will be only $30 for members.  We hope to get as many of you as we can reach to get inspired and informed about Professional Presentation Process.  Mark you calendars and contact me directly to sign-up.  We will determine location after we see where the majority of interested people are located.  More details at the Membership Meeting…

Take note of the Membership Meeting in September to be in Santa Fe.  We are alternating quarterly between SF and ABQ.  You are all invited to attend, participate, and benefit!  We are doing a variety of work to advocate for all of us, including legislatively.  Come and get informed!!!

I invite you all to contact me directly any time, with questions, ideas, or needs.  Please know it is my joy to be available to you.  Hope to see you all in September!