Art Making, Community Outreach


By Magdalena Karlick

Last week was the kick off to breast feeding month, celebrated worldwide. In Santa Fe, the Breastfeeding Taskforce and WIC organized a fantastic event for families at the Children’s Museum. Famjam was there making music with kiddos, as was Clan Tinkers, performing acrobatics and magic tricks. Many organizations had booths promoting what they offer to the community, including Many Mothers, Carseat Safety, St. Vincent’s Hospital,  NMATA and many others. Food was donated by Revolution Bakery and Sam’s Club.

When I think of supporting women, children, and families in breastfeeding it’s obvious that it is a bit complicated. From an inability to produce milk, to cultural and familial beliefs, to adoption, breasfeeding may not always be an easy choice for moms and families. However the ability to offer Nurturing is accessible to most parents.

What does nurturing mean to you?

Who has held you?                                                                8027802

These are some of the questions we artfully asked at this event. We offered materials to make nests holding eggs. Girls, boys, and women worked on these nests and seemed to enjoy the process of making a protective home to hold possibilities; to hold life.

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NMATA is a participant in our local communities…..