Art Making

PLAY: Creating and Destroying


by Magdalena

With my son, Judah, we build houses for his cars, animals, and trains. We stack blocks higher and higher. I make corners, and attempt to connect his sides so our creation doesn’t topple right away.

And then… the blocks come tumbling down when he is ready to destroy. Playing and creating with Judah has taught me a lot about letting go of creation, a topic that all parents have to grapple with in many ways. Destruction is an important part of new beginnings. I used to get caught in the feeling of loss when he would knock over my neatly stacked tower, and now I get lost in the vast space of rebuilding, recreating, and starting again.

I use these lessons when I work with clients. Destruction is a necessary part of living, and starting anew. This can be acted out through play, art, words, and life action. Whether or not my clients are aware of it, I pay attention to their destruction, and know that it has it’s place.