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New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

8616869by Laura L. Lansrud-López

As the New Year approaches, I am filled with enthusiasm and optimism at the many possibilities which lie ahead for me personally and for the New Mexico Art Therapy Association. The past few years have been challenging for our chapter, with dwindling member involvement and difficulty connecting to the many art therapists practicing in New Mexico. We are in transition, and the dawning of 2013 brings a new flood of energy.

It is with a vision of a flourishing, active, dynamic, and inclusive chapter that I embrace these new year resolutions:

1) We will reach out to our members and listen for ways we can best meet their needs and encourage participation;

2) We will actively invite new members and openly welcome art therapists, therapists using expressive arts, students, and friends of therapeutic art making;

3) We will hold an inclusive attitude aimed at support our members and connecting with others across disciplines;

4) We will develop a cohesive community of art therapists by providing space and materials to make art together, providing continuing education and workshops, hold regularly scheduled meetings for exchanging ideas and developing professional relationships;

5) We will develop a legislative action committee to work with the state legislature regarding third-party payment for therapy services provided by licensed art therapists (LPAT) in New Mexico;

6) We will develop collaborations with other professional organizations, agencies, and groups which will be mutually beneficial and will advance art therapy in New Mexico.

These resolutions are my vision, and my commitment.

What resolutions would you add?